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Australian customers can purchase foaling alarms and monitoring products, and mare pregnancy tests here.

Customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany can order the mare urine based pregnancy test here.

Foal-Proof (USA)
USA customers can order mare pregnancy tests on-line here.

Red Dog Tack Shop
Canadian based on-line tack shop where you can purchase mare pregnancy tests.

Minitube Australia
Australian customers can also order mare pregnancy tests here.

Syenz Technology Ltd
NZ based company that specialises in equine reproduction.

NZ made foaling monitors for broodmares.

For more information or to order 'Wee-Foal-Checker' ring our free phone number on 0800 933 625 (within New Zealand), or email Dr Keith Henderson at You can also order 'Wee-Foal-Checker' on-line now and pay by credit card using Paymate Express by clicking on the Paymate Express logo below. Enter the payee email address as, and also state the number of tests you wish to buy. Each 'Wee-Foal-Checker' test costs just NZ$35, which includes delivery within New Zealand.

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