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'Wee-Foal-Checker' works by analyzing a few drops of your mare's urine for the presence of a pregnancy associated estrogenic steroid metabolite. This steroid is made by the foetal-placental unit in increasing amounts as pregnancy progresses. It is excreted into urine where it can be easily measured, and so provides a non-invasive means of diagnosing pregnancy status and monitoring foetal viability.

Each 'Wee-Foal-Checker' test kit consists of a test membrane enclosed in a plastic cassette, a tube of urine diluent and 2 plastic pipettes for dispensing the urine. These are packed into a sealed foil pouch with desiccant to maximise the shelf-life of the test kit. A detailed instruction sheet is provided with the test kit.

The 'Wee-Foal-Checker' test is best performed on freshly collected urine which may be obtained at any time of the day. Collected urine may be stored for up to 4 hours, preferably refrigerated, prior to testing if necessary. The test can also be performed on collected urine which has been stored frozen for up to a month. For easy ways of obtaining a urine sample from your mare, click on the 'urine collection' tab above.
While running 'Wee-Foal-Checker' is easy (see 'home' page), we are happy to run the test for you if you send us in a sample of your mare's urine. Collect a 5 to 10ml sample of her urine into a clean container and label it with the mare's name, date of sample collection, and approximate number of days post-breeding. Store the sample in your fridge (1 or 2 days) or freezer (more than 2 days) until you are ready to send it to us. The estrogenic metabolite that we measure in the urine is very stable, so the urine sample does not need to stay frozen or chilled during shipping, just make sure it is well wrapped! You can ship the urine sample to us by either posting it in the mail, or by courier service. Samples should be sent to:

Dr Keith Henderson
3524 State Highway 2, RD1
Waipukurau 4281, Central Hawkes Bay

For more information or to order 'Wee-Foal-Checker' ring our free phone number on 0800 933 625 (within New Zealand), or email Dr Keith Henderson at You can also order 'Wee-Foal-Checker' on-line now and pay by credit card using Paymate Express by clicking on the Paymate Express logo below. Enter the payee email address as and also state the number of tests you wish to buy. Each 'Wee-Foal-Checker' test costs just NZ$35, which includes delivery within New Zealand.

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